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30 Day Speaking Challenge – December 2018

Have you been looking for a chance to practice your spoken French a little each morning?  Please join the free, online 30 Day Speaking Challenge for December today.  (You may actually join anytime through December 7.)




How does it work?  How do I participate?

* After you sign up for this challenge, you’ll receive an email each day in December from the organizer, Jonathan Huggins, with a suggested speaking topic.
* Using an audio recording site such as SpeakPipe (link to this site is provided in the daily email), produce a 2-3 minute audio in French and save it, using that topic, or another of your choice.
* Copy the link to a shared Google document (link provided in the daily email; available only to participants) so that native French-speaking participants may review it.  (Conversely, you’ll have access to a similar document for those submitting audio in English, allowing you to assist them.)
* Enjoy the feeling of practicing your French consistently – and seeing progress over time.

Please feel free to advise with questions.  Bonne continuation !