Course Descriptions

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Course Descriptions

If you would like to enroll in adult French classes,

send us a message to:

Absolute Beginner: Designed for students with very little to no prior experience in French. We start with vocabulary such as the alphabet, colors, and numbers 1-100. These classes seek to engage adult beginners through a learning methods like songs, short conversations, and interactions with a partner.

Advanced Beginner: Ideal for people that have studied French before, but may have forgotten a lot of the grammar and vocabulary.  We review basic grammatical structures, different verb tenses, and common vocabulary used in everyday conversation. Class is conducted almost exclusively in French.

Intermediate: intended for advanced students who want to maintain what they have already learned, deepen knowledge of the language and culture, and develop their confidence. We explore ways to practice beyond the classroom. Class size is kept to a small group and conducted entirely in French.

Alliance Française de San Antonio does not offer French courses for children through our organization at this time.